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Do you need the testimony of an expert witness in a dispute over the value of a property? We invite you to contact the esteemed professionals at AVK Appraisal Services. Ranked among the finest of all residential real estate appraisers in the region, our opinion is always the expert opinion.

Boasting 20 years of experience and numerous professional credentials, we are here to offer our services to individuals, firms, and organizations in need. Call (916) 572-0222 now to schedule a no-obligation consultation with an experienced property appraiser. We cannot wait to serve you.

20 Years of Appraisal Experience

As real estate appraisers, it is our job to determine the monetary value of an asset such as a primary residence or vacation property. During times of audits, insurance-related disputes or divorce proceedings, individuals call upon us to offer expert insight into the value of these properties. One party might have a certain valuation in mind, but it is our job to appraise the property and back up the appraisal with trusted data and insights.

The value of a property is contingent on a wide array of factors. Understanding these factors requires the expertise of unbiased professionals like us. Others might trust their instincts—but we trust data. That is why we have become some of the region's most sought-after expert witnesses and property appraisers.

For the past two decades, we have familiarized ourselves with the local real estate market, paid attention to dips and spikes in the trends, and always incorporated data from valued sources. Our lead appraiser’s background in Information Systems makes all the difference when there’s a bulk of data to investigate.

Expert Witness for All Matters and Disputes

Over the years, we have provided expert appraisals and witness testimony for a variety of matters. Some of these include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosures
  • Appraisal Quality Review
  • IRS issues
  • Tax appeals
  • Insurance claims
  • Trustee-related issues
  • And more

Appraisals for Divorce Proceedings

In times of divorce and the division of assets, there may be some disagreement about the value of a given property. In instances where there is no disagreement, the courts may still wish to know the present value of a property. In times such as those, the expedient and diligent services of our property appraisers make all the difference.

We have acted as expert witnesses in proceedings of all varieties, divorce proceedings among them. Respected attorneys call upon us when they are in need, and all involved matters know we are to be trusted on real estate-related issues.

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Eliminate bias and shortsightedness from your valuation of a property. Work with the even-handed and diligent appraisers today. Applying years of on-the-job experience and knowledge gathered from the study of data analytics, we will give you unbiased and fair assessments.

We are advocates for our clients—and we are advocates for the truth. Call (916) 572-0222 for further inquiries about rates, availability, and more.

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